Q- The website is listed as in 'beta', what does that mean?

We are a mighty team of 2 people, and we are engineering process to scale the website with growth.  We will always be a brick and mortar chain at heart, and the website was developed to make our published games accessible.   We spend 0 money on marketing and have no real intentions of growing this website into a massive sales channel outside of our games.  If you find value and appreciate the service we provide, thank you!

Q - I purchased a game that is listed as 'Pre-Order', what does that mean?

A - This means that the game/product has not released yet.  The publisher has not physically shipped the products to TGG Games.  Release dates vary widely by publisher and by release channel.  Kickstarter games vary widely, distribution direct games vary slightly, and TCGs vary based on the seasons.  In Q4 (Holiday Season) there is a much higher chance that games will release later the publishers anticipated based on volume of products coming into the US at the same time.

Q - What is your return policy?

A - We have a full return policy posted on the website, next to the link where this FAQ is located.   (https://tgg-games.com/policies/refund-policy)

Q - How long does it take to process orders?

A - TGG Games published titles will be processed within 1-2 days.  We process other orders within 3-15 business days for games and 5-30 days for TCG products, generally.  This varies by the timeline of when shipments are being received.  Some days we get pallets of Kickstarters, and some days we get boxes of Kickstarters.   We are a mighty fulfillment team of 2 people!

Q - Why was I E-Mailed tracking for the order, but it shows not picked up?

A - We share a pickup location with quite a few stores in the Fortune 50.  Sometimes they send one truck and it's automatically scanned, and sometimes it's scanned at their HUB down the street from the warehouse.  But the pickup area is located 15 feet away from our desk.  So if you have tracking it will be dropped off immediately!

Q - I saw on social media that someone received a Kickstarter game, why don't I have it shipped to me yet?

A - 95% of games enter the US from the port in California, and then travel all the way across the US and are then packed and shipped to TGG Games in Las Vegas.  You may ask, "That doesn't make any sense?  Why would publishers do that?"   It's because they don't know what they are doing, and generally use default options for fulfillment.  So after a game moves from California, it has to travel 7-10 days to Florida and then 5-10 days back to TGG Games.   The good news is that ALL our published games come in at weeks faster than other publishers!

Q - Why does it take so long to answer questions regarding trading card games?

A - We sell trading card games so low that it is almost insulting.  So it's almost impossible to sell product 10-100% lower than your FLGS and still be available round the clock to answer questions.  The reason why your FLGS is available, is because they are making a real killing off of you.  We make 2-5% margin on 99% of the trading card game products.  When consumers spend a high amount of gross dollars, they generally feel more entitled.  This works against the reality of how trading card games operate.  When we sell these products under market price, knowing that we can easily sell an infinite amount of them at a higher price, we can't spent 2 hours talking to you about the products for 2-5% margin.

Q - How are your prices so low on everything, all the time?

A - We do a lot of volume.  A LOT of volume.  Combine that with high ship quantities, it allows us to pallet ship games in our warehouses which is significantly cheaper than ground shipping.  This allows us to absorb the shipping costs of a lot of our titles into the sell price.

Q - So why do you go through the effort of selling trading card games if there is no margin involved in the sale?

A - Buying power.  When you spend money you raise allocations on extremely rare products.  Products that we care about, that our customers demand.  So when a board game comes into the US market in a small wave, we can usually purchase almost the entire wave in one chunk.  Thus controlling the entire board game market in between print runs.  Balancing allocation and buying power is the name of the game!


Thank you!  

- Jeff Bergren (EVP Operations - TGG Games)