TGG Games is the largest Kickstarter retail backer in the world.  We average around one campaign supported everyday!   No one has more operational experience with retail crowdsourcing than we do.   We do all the workload and follow up so you don't have too!

Even though we are extremely skilled in this avenue of game sourcing, the overwhelming majority of publishers are not.  Around 5% of the publishers that we partner with for board game crowd sourcing has the relevant skillset needed to cleanly execute the retail campaign for TGG Games.   The other 95% have a myriad of other issues that can at times affect their ability to fulfill our games.

Here are a list of common issues that we see frequently -

- Basic operational skillset issues.  (95% chance)  They haven't executed any project before, and have no education/experience in project management.  So, we at TGG Games, have to walk them through the entire process of how to execute fulfillment of a Kickstarter in general in most cases.

- A lack of communication follow up in general.   (15% chance)  We attempt communication on 3 channels (10 Total Attempts) before we cut a publisher loose.  What happens is that we agree on terms, and then after time they just completely disengage with TGG Games and ghost us entirely.  

- Inability to produce an actual invoice for payment.  (50% chance)  This is the largest issue we face with crowdsourcing.  We come to agreement on payment/games and then the company has no method to accept money.  We actually have a staff member that only follows up on these issues.  The act to physically pay an invoice takes 2 minutes, but it can take 2-3 hours of communication just to teach the publisher how to invoice us.   Yes, the majority of them have never used Paypal, Zelle, Stripe, or a wire transfer ever in their lives.

If there are issues with acquiring the games that we are promised, we will notify you ASAP with a resolution.   Although rare, it happens sometimes.  Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding!