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10 Gallon Tank (Base Pledge)
1840 Vienna Tramways (Base Pledge)
1861: Russia / 1867: Canada (Base Pledge)
Almanac: The Dragon Road (Outpost Pledge)
Boomerang (Around the World Pledge)
By Stealth and Sea (Diver Pledge)
Die of the Dead (Base Pledge)
Dinoblivion (Warrior Pledge)
Few and the Cursed (Deluxe Edition)
Fire Tower (Base Pledge)
Goblivion (Base Pledge)
Godspeed (Deluxe Base Pledge)
Good Puppers (One Fine Doggo Pledge)
Habitats (Base Pledge)
Hunted (Both Games)
I am Death Now?  (Base Pledge)
Kohaku (Deluxe Edition)
Loot of Lima
Lost in Valhalla (Hero Pledge)
Maharaja (Base Pledge)
Margraves of Valeria
Meeple Circus Giant (Big Top Pledge)

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