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3 New Valeria-Universe Games (3 Games Pledge)
Arcana Rising (Archmage Pledge)
Basketboss (Base Pledge)
Bloc by Bloc: Uprising (Base Pledge)
Block and Key (Deluxe Block and Key Pledge)
Cryptid Cafe (Deluxe Pledge)
Dawn on Titan (Super Nova Unicorn Pledge)
Dice Throne: Adventures - Kickstarter Box
Dice Throne: Season One Kickstarter Box
Dice Throne: Season Two - Kickstarter Box
Dog Park (Collector's Edition Pledge)
Embryo Machine (Pilot Pledge)
Endangered (Deluxe Pledge)
Erune (Heroic Pledge)
Escape Plan (Kickstarter Base Pledge)
Forest of Radgost (Divine Pledge)
GigaWatt (Deluxe Edition Pledge)
GROVE (Base Pledge)
Habitats (Base Pledge)
Hippocrates (Deluxe Pledge)
I Guess This Is It (Base Pledge)

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