Tokyo Metro (Pre-Order)

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Based on the private lines that have formed the Tokyo Metro system, this unique economic simulator brings a lot to the table in a small box. Featuring a fabric map of the actual Tokyo Metro system, Tokyo Metro will challenge economists and gamers alike!

Inspiration for the game came from a love of games that offer company holdings, and a drive to expand the genre by adding a unique worker placement system that forces a choice between moving on a physical map and investments. Contents:
• 1 large fabric map and income track
• 90 mini sized cards
• 4 large player aids
• 70 die cut chits
• 24 wooden screen printed resource discs
• 50 wooden player pieces
• 30 resin station pyramids
• 12 wooden train income markers
• 12 wooden screen printed train cylinders

Ages 14+, 2-5 players, 60-90 minutes

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