The Realm of Shadows: A Trio of Solo Games (ALL-IN Pledge)



The Realm of Shadows was once a land full of life and opportunity, but the forces of darkness in the north have cast a longer and longer shadow as they’ve moved further and further south.

Now, it’s up to a small group of heroes to fight back and bring light to the darkness. And in this series of solo games, you’ll be able to become these heroes and bring peace to a realm overtaken by shadow.

The Hand of Destiny is a no-table-needed solo game played completely in your hands. You’ll use your hero’s limited strength resources and unique abilities to vanquish foes and move through the deck. Manage your health, upgrade your hero, and play cards as efficiently as possible to win the day.

The Forgotten Road is a hand management game where you’ll need to play your cards and use your special abilities as efficiently as possible to take out monsters, pass tests, move to new locations, and defeat bosses of ever increasing difficulty.


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