The Heart of Cthulhu (Base Pledge)

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The Heart of Cthulhu is a cutthroat card game consisting of three decks and more than 300 cards. This adventure game combines strategy and luck with aspects of RPG. This combination, the game’s unique lore and stunning visuals produce a new adventure every time the game is played.

The game consists of 3 Decks of cards, 110 cards each. The Peril, Pillage and Discovery Decks are shuffled and placed in separate stacks with the Pillage Deck in the middle. Two discovery cards are revealed and placed face up next to the Discovery Deck.

Shuffle the vessel cards and deal one to each captain face down. Captains then reveal their vessels. Take notice of the vessels’ unique strengths. Each captain starts the game with three integrity chips and three pillage cards. Roll to see who goes first.

Players take turns gathering supplies from the pillage deck and paying to reveal discovery cards. The discovery deck contains New Worlds. In order to gain these New Worlds, Captains must defeat perils from the peril deck.

The first player to gain 3 New Worlds wins the game!

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