The Great Race 2: Wild West and Far East (All-IN Pledge)

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STAND-ALONE GAME!  Yes, The Great Race 2, Wild West and Far East has everything you need to play (but is completely compatible with The Great Race, if you have that too!) Adventure is at hand. With the basic box of "TGR2", you will compete on the roads of the United States and Asia. And also the places without roads!

Two double boards allow you to play from 2 to 5 players in games lasting 45 to 80 minutes. You will play as the leader of one of the 5 new crews: American, German, Russian, Chinese, or the "surprise crew" (to be revealed during the campaign). 

For each of them, you will have all the necessary equipment to experience the intensity of the race: A beautiful miniature, dashboard, assistants, tokens, and more. The two courses differ by geography, of course, but also by its tiles provided in a dedicated bag, as each route "uncovers" itself in a new combination, so no race will be like the last one or the next one! (See the Rules of Play.) Go for the All-In and you'll get a detailed and highly competitive SOLO game, plus a detailed system for adding more dimension to the vehicles as they "evolve" from race to race. Make your own choices and customize each vehicle!

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