The Deck of Stories and NPC Cards (Story Bundle Pledge)

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 The Deck of Stories is a fresh new storytelling system that helps you create a legendary adventure in 15 minutes.

Every storyteller hits writers block eventually. Whether you’re the lead creator, or long-time DM, it’s going to happen. That’s where the Deck of Stories comes in.

It’s a flexible story-telling system of story hooks that will get your creative juices flowing. Each hook features next steps that help take you deeper into the moment, and the unique ORC storytelling system that suggests where it would fit best in a storyline.

This Kickstarter includes the release of the Deck of Stories Volumes 1 and 2, as well as five-themed boosters and the Deck of Stories: Genesis Box.

In addition to the Deck of Stories Volume 1, the Deck of Stories: Genesis Box contains a set of NPC and Sensory Cards to help fill out your story even more. The NPC Cards are pre-generated, beautifully illustrated characters that you can insert seamlessly into your game. Each NPC Card has an NPC along with five traits that help you role-play that character. Add one when your players catch you off guard and you need an NPC on the spot, or use them to help fill in the role of a new character in your game.

The Sensory Cards engage the five senses with unique details that you can add to your adventure. Any time your story feels flat, choose a Sensory Card from the deck and use it to fill out your description of a room or add interest to a situation.

Whether you're planning a story arc in your latest campaign or need an exciting one-shot for your next session, the Deck of Stories is a must-have tool for your story-creation arsenal.

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