Tapiru: A Bubble Tea Game (Base Pledge)

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In 2019 I was living in Tokyo amidst The Second Wave of Tapioca. Every corner of Harajuku and Shin-Okubo sprouted up a boba shop or three including some of the tastiest brands straight from Taiwan. Domino's Pizza Japan even put tapioca as a topping on their pizzas. In fact, the boom gave birth to a neologism: "Tapiru"—which is a verbification of "Tapioca". The word Tapiru quickly entered into the Japanese consciousness and even made it to the country's top 10 buzzwords for 2019.

We were/are absolutely inundated with bubble tea and I have absolutely no complaints about it. When I set out to release a board game for the popular indie board game exhibition: Tokyo Game Market and was trying to think of a theme...inspiration plonked down like starch pearls from above.

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