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Supercharged is a game about racing in the Golden Age of the 1920s and 1930s a time when small guys could succeed rather than just big organized teams, and a time where racing was dangerous--so that drivers had on-board mechanics if things broke down.  Players manage a team of cars based on a selected nationality and compete with up to four other players as well as 'dummy cars' that block the way for everyone else.  The catch is that cars can't all move the same rate and don't always move in the same order, so you need to consider your moves in advance so you don't get caught in traffic or unable to make a pass at a key point.

The great thing about Supercharged is that it can be played with kids (generally 8 or older) even if they don't fully get the strategies involved.  It's a game that fits the old category of 'easy to play, difficult to master' that was used as a description of games from long ago.

So what is Supercharged like?  Well, it was created by Mike Clifford and Mike Siggins and is an evolution of a different design of theirs from the early 1990s called Grand Prix Manager.  Other games that are similar in feel would be Ravensburger's classic called Grand Prix as well as Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix and the NASCAR Daytona Race game.  I think a couple of more modern racing games useful as comparison's are Asger Granerud's Flamme Rouge and the more complicated, Race! Formula 90.

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