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Stress Botics is a sci-fi adventure in which four easily-stressable robots (known as Beta Bots) are sent to an exoplanet by their corporation Cubebotics CORP®, in order to mine its resources. Once those resources are extracted, the Beta Bots' task is to deliver them to the corporation's ships.

It won't be a piece of cake. To start with, the exoplanet is unstable, so the Beta Bots will have to adapt to a constantly changing environment. On top of that, each corporation ship requires different resources, and each payload delivery requires perfect timing & alignment with the orbiting trajectory of the matching ship. And last, but not least, the rival corporation Cylindroids INC® has sent its own bots to snatch resources and interfere with your bots.

But do not fret! Beta Bots can count on Alpha Bot’s help, a support robot with a (very) short-tempered AI. Alpha Bot will unlock new places to mine, give the Beta Bots more actions and generally make their life easier...but keep an eye on those pesky Cylindroid bots, since they won't pass up the opportunity to damage your guardian!

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