Sorcerer: Endbringer (Everything Tier Pledge)

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This expansion combined with the Sorcerer Base Game allows 1-3 players for solo and cooperative play.

13 Oversized Cards
Four 20 card Nemesis Decks
Four 25 card Horde Decks
45 Other Game Cards
4 Giant Standees
3 New Battlefields
50 Counters
1 Score Dial
A Full Color Rulebook

Game Overview - Endbringer

One to three players will team up to battle against a crazed demigod known as a Maneater. You’ll create this adversary by combining a Nemesis (who they are), with an Aspect (what army they lead), and a Scenario (what they are doing). For example you may battle Erling Khan the Deathdealer who is Leading the Invasion.

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