Send It! (Base Pledge)

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The board game every mountain biker needs.

SEND IT! is for those times when you want to ride, but can't — maybe you're injured, maybe it's too muddy or maybe you're just tired from your latest adventure — because no matter what, even when you can't ride, you should be able to SEND IT!

SEND IT! is a fast-paced mountain bike game where you ride, train, prepare and "send" progressively harder features as you race from the trail head to be the first to send the final feature and reach the Golden Burrito.

Riders roll to train and move while drawing prepare cards to improve their chances of successfully sending the next feature, all while trying not to crash. Should you play it safe or just "SEND IT!"?

On each turn, riders choose two actions, which can be the same or different, from the following options:
1. Ride - roll the riding die and move 1-3 spaces along the singletrack.
2. Train - roll the two training dice to gain the skill points you need to send the next feature.
3. Prepare - draw a Prepare card to gain points (which help you recover from a crash and send the next feature) or special skills.
4. SEND IT - if you are on a feature and have the necessary skills, play Prepare card points and roll the 20-sided die to try to send it and pass on to more difficult singletrack.

Just like real mountain biking, crashing can happen in a variety of ways - you can crash while training, while riding or while sending it - and until you recover from your crash you can't do anything but prepare, giving the other riders the chance to get ahead.

The first rider to send the final feature (the "Hall of Fame") and reach the Golden Burrito wins the game.

For a more advanced version, add the "Trail Building" action which allows riders to place the features instead of randomly placing them at the beginning of the game.

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