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Ryozen is a 2-4 player worker placement game with a layered rotating board and multiple scoring and resources engines, set in a fantasy world of mystical forces and animals with extraordinary abilities.

It's a busy time in the kingdom of Ryozen! Like all the others, your clan has assembled the most skilled kin who can perform various tasks and bring you the honors you deserve. These are the final nights, when you can prove that your clan is the most capable of doing good for the kingdom. The Phoenix Queen is about to awaken in her mountaintop palace, which you can rotate to gain special benefits from the nearby lands. Seize the moment and do your best to obtain her favor!

In Ryozen the contention is always at a high pace with both direct and indirect interaction between players. The board, flippable for a two player setup, is divided into sectors that provide different sets of possible actions, but only for a limited number of available placements.

Secure the best places for your kin to gather or manage resources, recruit more allies with asymmetrical abilities, influence the tie-breaker and collect cards to improve your strategy. The turn flow runs smoothly from the very beginning, with immediate placement effects during the day phase and global effects resolved sector by sector during the night.

Never lose sight of your rivals and strive for the highest prestige!

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