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Rumors and Legends is a new, fun-filled mystery deduction board game. It stars a creepy cast of creatures and Cryptids, like the Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster. You are investigating the disappearance of Professor Daffle, the world's leading researcher of Cryptozoology, as you travel to legendary locations like The Himalayas and Roswell, New Mexico. You are also in constant peril of getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle!

Rumors and Legends is a light game that can be learned in 10-15 minutes and takes around 30-45 minutes on average to play. You'll find the mechanics comfortably familiar if you have played the usual suspects of mystery games before, but a host of new twists and turns to make the game feel unique, modern and thematically interesting.

A player rolls the dice to determine their next move. Their move may involve moving their mini a specified number of spaces, drawing a Rumor card, moving the door minis, and/or moving to the Bermuda Triangle to end the turn.

The game ends when a player is first to solve the mystery of Professor Daffle's disappearance. There are three components: the Creature responsible, the Location of Daffle's disappearance, and the Incident that was involved.

The player who is able to solve the three components of the mystery is the one who wins the game.

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