Ruins: Death Binder (Base Pledge)

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Ruins: Death Binder is a 1 to 2 player board game that incorporates unique reverse deck building and dungeon crawling mechanics.

Player chooses his path and delves into the dungeon filled with different events and encounters.

During the game your character gains taint, more taint it gathers the stronger and more difficult enemies are sent your way.

Use action cards in combinations to defeat enemies and use their weaknesses. But be aware of their strengths and different abilities.

Thin your starting deck and store cards that fit your play style to form a new, more fitting deck.

Gain experience points to use rest actions and make the character your own by upgrading various traits, to make him tougher, deadlier and more capable fighter.

Partake on side quests that will give you even more resources and aid.

Doomsday clocks that are built into the core of the game will make you think on each step of the journey. Watch for an exhausting and limited number of action cards, ever-increasing numbers, and strength of enemies and finally, encountering a boss. In this game, even the simplest decisions may end up having a great impact on your journey.

This is a game where you stand against great odds with very limited resources, you do your best to survive and push forward and test different strategies.

You will learn to master and manage your cards and possibilities, as the game becomes only harder with time.

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