Reventure: Orbtale (Dark Lord Pledge)

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The tabletop sequel to Reventure, the game with 100 endings, revolves around the 4 legendary orbs able to grant any wish.

12 Heroes embark on a mission to retrieve them against multiple dangers and foes from the Reventure universe.

The game is played in syncronous turns during chapters consistint in 3 phases:

  1. Exploration phase: Every player draws 2 cards
  2. Organization phase: Every player keeps up to 3 cards in their hand and the res in their inventory, on a pile over the table. Instead of storing them, they can also be discarded.
  3. Combat phase: Each player may attack another one by playing on of the cards in their hand faced down against another player, who does the same. The winner card is determined via a rock-paper-scissors system, and its text is applied afterwise. If a tie happens, the player with less inventory wins. The cards go back to their owner hands after.

If you kill an opponent (by depleting all of its 5 health tokens with your cards), you may steal any 2 cards from its inventory or hand and add it to your inventory.

The goal of the game is to gather all 4 orb cards, either by drawing them on the explore phase, stealing them using special items or dragging them from the other hero's corpses.

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