Ransom Notes (Base Pledge)



We love words.  And while beautiful sentences have a time and place, it's the bizarre and terrible writing (usually found on the internet) that's our favorite. From nonsensical Facebook posts to unhinged Craigslist ads,  we can't get enough.

But, unless you're in the middle of a heated Youtube debate, crafting a hilariously terrible sentence can be tough. That's why we made Ransom Notes: a game that gives you no choice but to create awesomely horrendous sentences to get your point across.

We wanted to make a party game that would be playable over and over, and be totally unique every round. We've playtested dozens of times, and the only things that've stayed constant are hilarious, tears-streaming-down-your-face funny sentences people come up with.

We love this game concept, but only get to produce it with your support. So, please help us bring Ransom Notes to life! 

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