Railways of Sweden, Australia, & Rail Barons of the World (Everything New Pledge)



Railways of Sweden is a 2-5 player map expansion to the Railways of the World series. This map features lots of heavy mountainous terrain. This expansion will come with a sheet of snowy track tiles to be optionally used in the northern mountains of Sweden. It also has a variety of new Railroad Operations cards, such as New Mining Town, Mountain Engineer, Extended Ferry Line and Passenger Express. In addition, it includes new +50/+100 point tokens to be used with the Railways of Sweden score & income track.

Railways of Australia is a large 2-6 player map. This map has several unique features: a new terrain type - towns; region borders; and rebound Railroad Operations cards. When built, a town becomes a Gray New City on the map. There are also Railroad Operations cards that automatically build each of the 10 towns on the map.  Players cannot build across region borders unless connecting through a city, or using a 'Triple Gauge' Railroad Operations card. This expansion includes junction track tiles for use with the Switch Tracks mini expansion. These new track tiles display the 2 lines coming together in each configuration. Switch tokens are also included so that players can use the Switch Track mini expansion right out of the box.

Rail Barons of the World includes a deck of universal Rail Barons than can be used in multiplayer games with any Railways of the World map -- as each goal is non-map specific. This expansion also unlocks solo play in the Railways of the World Series with a new solo system created by Dávid Turczi and John Albertson. The solo system works with seven different maps in the Railways of the World series: Eastern US, Mexico, Great Britain, Nippon, Portugal, Sweden and Australia.



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