Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift (Revised Edition)

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The dark, unforgiving road through Perdition leads to the Abyssal Rift, where a secretive Cult of Change is summoning a long dormant Demon. Perdition's Mouth is a deeply immersive dungeon crawl adventure style game set within a collection of scenarios that form an extended campaign. The game has a strong role-play feel to it but each adventure requires no dungeon master due to the automated non-player character action Rondel.

Designed as a fully cooperative game, Perdition's mouth accommodates from one to six players taking on the role of brave heroes delving ever deeper into the Abyssal Rift to thwart the threat posed to humanity. With its strong emphasis on player cooperation, this is a fast and brutal environment in which the heroes will see their multifaceted skills and talents tested to the very limits.

Ages 10+, 1-6 players, 30-180 minutes

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