Pathfinder: Darklands Rising Booster Brick

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Encounter the creatures from the deepest depths of Golarion in the Darklands Rising

The Darklands are inhabited by dangerous creatures from the deepest reaches of Golarion. Collect all 52* figures from Darklands Rising, including monstrous foes from the depths.

Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising fantasy miniatures come in two product configurations the Standard Booster and the Standard Booster 8. Ct. Brick.

Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising Standard Boosters each contain four figures, with a higher ratio of Large and Huge creatures than ever before! Each booster contains one of the following configurations:
☆ 2 Medium or Small figures, and 2 Large figures
☆ 3 Medium or Small figures, and 1 Huge figure
☆ Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising Standard Booster Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total)
☆ Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising Standard Cases contain 4 Standard Bricks (32 Standard Boosters, 128 Figures total).

*Contents subject to change

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