Mother of Frankenstein (Base Pledge)

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Inspired (but not entirely beholden to) the incredible real life of Mary Shelley, Mother of Frankenstein is a 4-8 hour experience for 1-5 players (ages 13 and up), designed by Terry Rolapp and Tommy Wallach of Hatch Escapes, creators of LA Magazine's top-ranked escape room, Lab Rat.

Mother of Frankenstein challenges you to solve a series of puzzles in order to learn the truth behind Shelley's infamous monster. While challenging enough for serious puzzlers, it also features a rich, emotional narrative composed by New York Times bestselling YA novelist Tommy Wallach, which will have you and your loved ones feeling all the feelings.

The game is divided up into five acts, each of which is presented in a separate "volume" (i.e. a hollowed-out book). Each volume contains a trove of documents and objects, all of them beautifully crafted and cunningly designed (ostensibly my Mary Shelley herself)in order to reveal a great secret to her only child to live past the age of three, Percy Florence Shelley. Included in every box is also a full copy of the 1818 edition of Frankenstein (both for puzzle necessity and general enjoyment).

Though every copy of the game comes with a complete edition of Frankenstein (for both puzzling and general enjoyment), there's more to MoF than just documents. You'll build a three-dimensional castle, manipulate locks and secret compartments, and even harness the power of electricity!

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