Mission Catastrophe (Maximum Danger Pledge)



You took the job on the Deep Space Mining Vessel Casimir because you needed a paycheck, not because it was exciting. Lucky you! Now that the asteroid you were mining has been inadvertently turned into high-velocity, flaming death headed straight for your ship, you have plenty of excitement! The ship is doomed - you and your crew mates need to keep it running just long enough to get supplies and head to an escape pod. Just don't tell them that there's only one.

In Mission Catastrophe you're a member of the alien crew on a doomed ship. You'll need to use the ship modules, your unique role ability and the Operations Cards you obtain to collect supplies and find the remaining working escape pod before the ship takes so much damage that it explodes. Fixing the ship is an option - it may even be an imperative - but spend too much time on repairs and you'll be watching one of your crew mates escape while you float in the cold vacuum of space.

Mission Catastrophe includes additional ship modules, crew member roles and modes of play to provide a unique gameplay experience every time.

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