Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign

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Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (6 Sep-13 Dec 1944): the fourth game in the GOSS series. This game covers Third Army’s Fall 1944 campaign in Lorraine and its efforts to achieve an Allied breakthrough to the Rhine. Also shown is the German Army’s miraculous recovery at the Moselle River, and the largest German armored counterattack until the Battle of the Bulge in mid-December. There are three scenarios (September, November and December) and a campaign scenario that spans the period from early September to mid-December. Each monthly scenario highlights the major fighting or events particular to that month, such as the battle for the Metz forts, and the obstacles presented by the requirement to cross the Meuse and advance into Germany while fighting in the mud and flooded conditions. A separate module provides the rules required to play a hypothetical scenario where Patton, instead of Montgomery, is allocated the bulk of the supplies and two to three airborne divisions in mid-September.

• Battle for Gremercey Forest
• Sept. 5-30, 1944
• Nov. 8-30 1944
• Dec. 1-15 1944
• Patton’s Dagger Thrust (hypothetical)
• Sept. 5 1944-Dec. 15 1944 Campaign

• Five connecting map sheets
• 12 counter sheets (3,360 counters)
• Updated GOSS Standard Rules
• Lucky Forward Scenario Rules
• Assorted Player Aids and Displays
• Two 10-sided dice

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