Lost in Valhalla (Hero Pledge)



Lost in Valhalla is a survival card game with fighting, crafting and scavenging. You play as a modern soul accidentally sent to an ancient afterlife - Valhalla.

Be the first player to escape Valhalla by finding resurrection runes - all while scavenging for supplies and fighting off dangerous foes with mighty weapons!

  1. Players choose who goes first - we suggest the youngest player.
  2. Make sure there are 3 Resurrection Runes per player placed in the explore deck.
  3. After shuffling each deck seperately, Arrange the 3 decks (Explore, Scavenge, Items) face down on the table in a line next to each other.

The selected Player One goes first and remaining Players take turns in a clockwise direction. On your turn you can pick up 2 cards from the top of any deck. (Explore, scavenge, items). You are allowed to pickup any deck of your choice, for example, 1 'Explore' card and 1 'Item' card based on what you need.

The aim of the game is to make your way through the 'Explore' deck and find 3 Resurrection runes that are hidden in the deck. The first player to do so wins the game.
Once you receive foe cards over -4 hit points*, you cannot advance any further in the 'Explore' deck. You must then craft items picked up from the 'Item' deck, to remove foe cards, using scavenged materials from the 'Scavenge' deck.
There are also helpful cards scattered throughout each deck that are free to use once found. These are discarded once used.

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