Lockup: Breakout Expansion (Lockup + Breakout Pledge)

$59.99 $64.99


 Lockup: Breakout offers new ways to play!

  • Add a new member to each player's crew -  the seeker!
  • Explore the new catacombs board.  Advance your crew's lantern marker, and collect loot tokens as your crew burrows to discover Khathandor's Tomb, or press further to escape through the crack in Kulbak!
  • Assign crew members to influence one of the new 18 Legend cards each round of play!
  • Change the instant, leader, and end game objectives with 6 new goals cards!
  • Recruit some of the 11 new goons cards to your crew!
  • Add 8 new item cards to the item deck!
  • Expand the options in the Library with 7 new tome cards!
  • Enjoy even more variety to setup with 10 new trait cards! 
  • Experience the enhanced solitary mode with 4 new guard cards and 1 new location card to accommodate the guards' efforts in the catacombs and with the legends of the prison!

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