Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils and Kings (Gameplay All-In Pledge) (Pre-Order)



Kingdoms Forlorn is a soloperative dungeon delver for 1-5 players with a focus on loot. Kingdoms Forlorn focus on personal stories and short delves into the titular kingdoms.

Into the Unknown will build upon their coop system given advantages to the next player in to turn order bringing a greater sense of working together.

You will explore forgotten kingdoms, fight battles with giant monsters or bands of minions, loot, craft, duel and, possibly, earn renown and fulfill your Heart’s Desire!

Kingdoms Forlorn will explore forgotten medieval kingdoms rediscovered, knights, noble and vile, and errant, venture forth to seek power, treasures or redemption, and to carve their own legends.

The game pulls inspiration from dark fantasy titles like Dark Souls, Diablo and Game of Thrones. Their last project Aeon Trespass Odyssey has a very Kingdom Death feel with a lot of their own mix and an adventure board.

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