Judgement: Eternal Champions (Competitors Base Set Pledge)



Judgement: Eternal Champions is the revamped Version 2.0 of Judgement, the popular MOBA-inspired table-top miniatures game.

In Judgement, you play the role of a young god who summons mortal Heroes to the shadow plane of Between to fight on your behalf. Your heroes must claim the effigy of your opponent in order to fuel your growing immortal power. If you control the Effigy Network, you control the fate of the universe.

Each Hero is represented on the table-top by a finely crafted 32mm-scale resin miniature (PVC versions available) with incredible detail and dynamism. The Version 2.0 game board is now an artistically stunning battlefield with a hexagonal overlay that optimizes gameplay.

Drawing on its MOBA inspiration, Eternal Champions game play includes the following features:
  • Heroes gain levels, unlocking new abilities and gaining health.
  • Magical Artefacts can be purchased and equipped by your Heroes.
  • Monster pits spawn neutral monsters that will attack any Hero within reach.
  • Dynamic terrain features help or hinder your battle tactics.

These in-game mechanics allow players to tailor new and exciting strategies and tactics for each game. You can set up the map however you'd like, or follow a battlefield map to bring you fresh scenarios for each game.

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