Gun and Gun: An Anime-Themed Battle Card Game (Collector Pledge) (Pre-Order)



Gun and Gun is an anime-themed card game from Japanese design studio Keepdry that features competitive one-versus-one battles, a distinct two-deck draft system, and gorgeous Japanese sci-fi art!

In Gun and Gun, players assume the role of one of the game's many Gunners and equip their character with two guns available to them. Once selections have been made, it’s a frenetic race to kill each other by reducing either their opponent’s life points or their deck size to zero.

A single copy of Gun and Gun is enough for two players to get right into the gun-wielding action; however, some may wish to use more than one set. Playing with one copy provides a more traditional board game experience with a surprising amount of strategy involved in choosing characters and guns.

Playing with two sets, however, ups the intensity and overall competitive nature of the game, allowing for an experience that is closer to that of a constructed card game, where players construct their own decks. Either playstyle is a blast, but we would recommend playing with one set first in order to get used to the gameplay and to learn about the strengths and limitations of each character and gun, before moving into the more competitive side of the game.

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