Growing Season (Base Pledge)

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Growing Season is a two-player board game inspired by resource management video games where the player runs a farm; such as the Harvest Moon saga, or the popular indie game Stardew Valley.

Growing Season is an accessible and straightforward game that mixes deck building and resource management. It serves as a perfect introduction to more complex board games, or as a perfect game for quick games on the couch, it doesn't require much preparation but hides a lot of depth in the optimization of the hands and resources.

A normal game of Growing Season lasts about 35 minutes, during which players will build and grow their farms. Players will start with three plots of land and not much more than the efforts of their farmers, and by the end of the game they will run a huge and automated farm, with which they'll be able to tackle the most complicated and lucrative crops, using sprinklers, a harvester, and with several barns.

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