GPS / Sequoia / Mountain Goats (3 Game Set Pledge)

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I love the end of the night. When someone is about to go home, and I say "How about a game of X before you leave?" They smile and sit down. They can't resist because they know:

  • The game is fast (like 10 minutes to play)
  • It's quick to teach (like get started in 30 seconds)
  • There will be tension and exciting moments
  • It ends the night on a satisfying note of getting in one more quality game

This game series exists because I want there to be more games like that. We've focused on easy to teach before, but these are SUPER easy to teach.

But there is enough strategy that after the game your mind will wander back to a couple of key turns, and you'll wonder if you should have played just a little bit differently.

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