Etherfields (Dream God Pledge)



Dream God (Collectors All-in, save 25 GBP)
Etherfields Core Box including all unlocked Stretch Goals and Creatures of Etherfields miniature expansion as well as Sphinx Campaign, Funeral Witch Campaign, 5th Player Expansion, Metal Keys, Artbook, Playmat, Playing Cards, Card sleeves, Card Holders, Sundrop for all models and Card Holders

  • Etherfields Core Box
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Creatures of Etherfields miniatures expansion
  • Sphinx Campaign Addon
  • Funeral Witch Campaign Addon
  • 5th Player Expansion Addon
  • Metal Keys Addon
  • Artbook Addon
  • Playmat Addon
  • Playing Cards Addon
  • Card Sleeves Addon
  • Card Sleeves for gameplay addons
  • Card Holders Addon
  • Sundrop for all models Including Addons models and Card Holders

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