Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint (Extinction Pledge) (Pre-Order)



Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint is a 1-4 player, co-op, sci-fi dungeon crawler where players complete covert missions against an invading alien force bent on subjugation of the entire Earth.

The world is in chaos. Alien enemies are assaulting military bases all over the globe, obliterating any resistance before them. They attack indiscriminately and they show no mercy. They call themselves the Xethan, but where they come from is a complete mystery. They were simply not here one moment and initiating global conquest the next. If they came from space, there are no signs of it. None of the expected indicators of aliens traversing the stars, such as starships in orbit, have been observed. Indeed, the Xethan seem to possess no vehicles in their assaults at all. Instead, they rely on short range portal technology far beyond anything we’ve ever seen, which allows them to teleport short distances bypassing many of our defenses.

But the situation is much worse than just that. These Xethan are being aided by an insurgent faction of human terrorists that call themselves the Vormacht who seem to be working with these alien invaders and betraying their own species.

It has only been six months since the Xethan first appeared and they have already conquered large numbers of military bases all across Europe. If their momentum is not halted, the human race may well fall to these alien invaders. Someone must stop them.

We are that someone. Now is the time. While the world is still reeling from this unexpected assault, we have not been idle. We have come together, as a species, in recognition of this greater threat to our existence. We are no longer just splintered factions of rival groups; no longer separated by our differences. Humankind has never stood so together, united, arm in arm, moving together towards this one mission. We have become AEGIS, an allied force drawn from countries all over the Earth to stand against this threat. No longer will we stay on the defensive. Now is the time we stand up and show these Xethan that humankind will not fall so easily. Now, at this flashpoint in history, we fight back.

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