Doomtown: Weird West Edition (Complete Pledge)

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Doomtown is an expandable card game set in the Weird West of Pinnacle Entertainment’s legendary Deadlands setting. Players control one of six unique factions: they fight for dominance, sling lead, and cast spells in town and beyond. It is typically played with two players, but multiplayer variants allow more players to get into the game. We're excited to offer new co-operative and solo modes in this Kickstarter.

During the game, each player builds locations in the town and fights for overall control. Doomtown sets itself apart from other card games in that each card doubles as a playing card, which impacts both deck building and gameplay. Players resolve certain in-game situations (such as combat) with a hand of poker, accentuating the Old West atmosphere of the game. The game's movement rules are also noteworthy, often being compared to chess.

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