Dinosaur 1944 (Raptor Pledge)

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CINCPAC has gotten reports of activity on Kyoryu Jima, so the US military has landed a reconnaissance force. But the Japanese aren’t here at all! It is something much worse ... something that threatens all humanity. Dinosaurs! Mad scientists are using Kyoryu Jima as a base for their time machine, bringing prehistoric monsters into the present day. Not content with unleashing this plague, they’ve gone even farther – they are training and enhancing the dinosaurs. It’s bad enough to fight giant reptiles – fighting drug-crazed giant reptiles is absolutely the worst.

Dinosaur: 1944 is a cooperative strategy game about army men vs. prehistoric monsters. In it, you and up to 3 other players control brave soldiers in a World War II setting, struggling to save the entire world from the threat of a Mesozoic rebirth. It is in part a battle game, as you maneuver around the map and fight the enemy. It is in part tower defense, as you place ambushes to help take out or slow down the incoming fiends. Each hero has unique strengths and weaknesses – your victory depends both in mastering your own hero and cooperating with your friends. As the game progresses, you face more numerous foes, and dinosaur bosses enter the field. Eventually, you face the final boss – defeating her wins the game. Beware: if the dinosaurs devastate your base camp, you’ll be stranded on Kyuryushima, prey to the horrors therein.

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