Dining with Dracula (Base Pledge)

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“Dining with Dracula” is a blood draining mix of worker placement and clever time management for up to 4 players!

Ah, the life of an immortal vampire… Staying up all night, avoiding silver bullets, and draining the blood from innocent strangers… Glamourous, right? Well, it is… unless you’ve been doing it for centuries on end.

The game features 3 innovative mechanisms:

  1. Worker Placement: One worker can’t do it all! You’ll lure tourists to do your bidding with doughnuts and cold beer, effectively adding more workers to complete more actions every day.
  2. Action/Time Management: Each action you take drains time from a shared clock… and once that clock strikes midnight, the round is over.
  3. Dinner at Dracula’s: You can’t just convert resources to VP - you need Dracula’s approval. Bribe your way to his dinner table and only then can you brag about your daily achievements!


Tired of the posh luxury of the vampire lifestyle, good old Count Dracula has spent the last few decades building up a bustling tourism business that provides a steady stream of income… and of fresh blood. But now he's tired and he needs a worthy heir.

As vampires directly descended from his many, many bites, you and your fellow players will take on the role of potential heirs doing your best to take advantage of poor, old Dracula. Bribe him, shower him with irresistible gifts, and trick him into believing you’ve got what it takes to be… the NEW DRACULA!

Will you prove your merit and earn your rightful place as the successor to Dracula’s empire? OR Will you end up as little more than a midnight snack?
Find out in…Dining with Dracula!

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