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It’s December 23rd at 4 PM and the house is not yet decorated for Christmas! Work together (Collaborate) to get the house “decked” in time. Christmas is fast approaching. Get the 10 locations inside and outside of your house “decked,” and the house cleaned up by the time the clock strikes Midnight on December 25th. Play as a team against the game. You all win or you all lose. Choose your actions carefully because time passes quickly and supplies are limited. There are many distractions keeping the task from getting done. But keep your chin up, Christmas is a time to celebrate and there’s plenty of Christmas cheer to keep you motivated. The magic of Christmas is in your hands!

To start players will select one of six characters and place the Clock Token on Dec 23rd slot. On his/her turn, each player will roll five dice, collect the associated ornament pieces, and cheer/distraction cards. They'll then perform up to 4 actions. You may repeat the same action multiple times or choose a combination of different actions. At the end of their turn, players will advance the Clock Token one space.

If you and your friends can get all 10 locations inside and outside the house "decked" before the Clock Token strikes midnight you win the game.

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