Dawnshade (Watchers Chosen Pledge)

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Dawnshade is a 1-4 player co-op action adventure RPG that plays in about 30min per player.

As a Petarukin, you are used to living secluded in the forests of the Galeswood. Your role in the land of Dawnshade is small and often unnoticed, though not insignificant. But there is unrest brewing in the land… Two factions, The Unity and The Might, are at war for the hearts, minds, and souls of the creatures of Dawnshade. The balance and freedom of your world is threatened by these powerful forces, and only you and your fragile band of misbegotten adventurers can stop them.

Gather supplies, build skills, and power your abilities while you can…battles wage, challenges disrupt your path, and a final threat could strike at any moment.

Journey through this rich, cooperative “choose your own adventure-style” board game where strategy, luck, and skill unite to bring you thrilling victories, agonizing defeats, and a different journey every time you play.

With 34,220 quest combinations available, you’ll never experience the same journey twice when you play Dawnshade. Draw map tiles from a randomized quest deck to reveal a unique adventure with branching paths every time you play. Dynamic battles use a unique dice combat system set in the style of old JRPG’s (think Final Fantasy). Experience (XP) gained from the battles and events allow you to level up your characters. Players continue exploring to uncover the mysteries in Dawnshade’s campaign.

May the Watchers guide you.

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