Cytress - An Immersive Cyberpunk Game (Founders Experience Pledge) (Pre-Order)



Welcome to Cytress. You play as a rebel merc who has zeroed in on one goal. To get into Stratos – Earth’s largest sky hub. It is in this sky colony where you will find Earth’s most powerful, wealthiest, and most influential individuals.

These people enjoy having the largest portion of the pie, not to mention toying with the lives of everyone else on Earth – the Underbelly, as the inhabitants of Stratos love to call it. But you are not the type who tolerates these kinds of apathetic, arrogant attitudes. You must challenge these oligarchs and get into Stratos; you consider this action to be a show of defiance, proof that the leviathan city is not exclusive to the powerful few.
But first, you must establish a name in the Underbelly, a strategy that will help in getting you and your crew into Stratos. Unfortunately, this is a journey that's not free from danger. Stratos has tight security, and authorities have their eyes on the gates 24/7. Anyone caught entering illegally is subject to instant termination without trial.

Fortunately, you have found a way in. The Tubes – vertical shafts that serve as the city’s waste chutes. The Tubes will be your one-way ticket to wonderland, your only chance of acquiring a large portion of the pie. Of course, you will need the help of your crew to get in. So hone your skills, upgrade your abilities, and procure as many supplies as possible to achieve your objective.

You must employ cunning strategies and pick the juiciest missions among the lot. Regardless of which faction you choose, remember to use their key abilities to your advantage. That’s how you can outwit the competition and eventually win the game. So do you have what it takes to become a part of Stratos’ elite citizenry? Or do you want to live a continued oppressed existence in the Underbelly?

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