Core Clash (Base Pledge)

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2-4 players can get in on each round of Core Clash, which is a dice strategy/team skirmish tabletop game. There are detailed robot miniatures in every set in addition to three types of custom-made dice, two of which are 1-6 and one of which is 1-3. Players use the dice to allocate energy to power the Legacies and activate their attack, which is unique to each Legacy. There are also 3D buildings and mountains in every set: Legacies can destroy the buildings, while mountains can damage Legacies.

To win a round of Core Clash, you need to destroy all of your enemies, achieving victory through attrition. There is no compromise, no middle ground, no surrender: as a Controller, you are in this war to the very end. The fate of Earth rests in your hands, and everyone in your enterprise is depending on you. If you have what it takes to become the Master Controller, untold power and technology are at your disposal. Otherwise, certain destruction awaits.

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