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Coalitions is based on the series of conflicts known as the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Players, representing major European powers, compete against each other to shape the future of the Continent. The innovative and elegant game system allows a historical recreation of the conflicts, but better yet, can also create plausible alternative histories. The Alliances may take different forms, the campaigns may be fought along different lines of approach, but what the players witness is still a believable version of history.

Coalitions brings the whole continent of the Napoleonic Wars into a fast, playable system. Multiplayers—with NO downtime. Each turn, EVERY player is doing something… but doing something ‘different.’ This sets up an unexpected cycle like nothing you’ve ever played before. Cool wooden pieces, or a “Deluxe” version with some of the most beautiful miniatures you’ve ever seen. Kickstarter backers get exclusive sculpts, an extra player expansion, plus an extra game covering a slightly different period!

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