Clash of the Ardennes (Base Pledge)

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Clash of the Ardennes is a turn-based, tile laying board game for 2 players. You and your opponent will have to fight for every corner of every street and forest road. Get ready for an immersive World War 2 experience and make sure you have packed your gloves, because this winter all hell will break loose within seconds! Now it's on!

The game is situated during the Battle of the Bulge. A historical moment that tells the true story of two colliding armies, the Allies (Americans) and the Axis (Germans). Both players have 7 streets in front of them. By placing your units strategic and tactical in the desired streets you try to reach the other side in one piece. Keep in mind that your opponent will try to prevend this from happening. Clashes appear on the battle field and the most clever, oppertunistic and daring General will win this battle! 

*Clash of the Ardennes is very accessible, no need for historic knowledge and Clash of the Ardennes is not a heavy wargame. Easy rules, easy set-up, strategic and tactical. A great game to play with your partner on a weekend evening, accompanied with a good glass of wine and beer.

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