Cards of Candour (First Edition + Real Friends Pledge)




  1. 2-10 players, it’s good to have a mix of people you like and a couple of fringe invites that aren’t really in the inner circle.
  2. Deal five question cards to each player, four to any lawyers because they are sneaky enough already.
  3. Highest paid person goes first, just like in society. 
  4. Roll the dice and relax, that tiny piece of plastic is now in control and will tell you who to read a question card to (see below for how the dice rolls).
  5. You now get to ask that person one of the questions on the cards in front of you - if they admit it, you win the points value on the card.
  6. Technically the first player to 10 points wins, but we all know the real winner is the person who throws the most shade.

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