Cards Against Thrones

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Modelled on “Card Games Against Humanity,” this card game is not at all complicated and there are not too many rules to worry about, so, get your friends together and draw your swords for a rude and rowdy card game full of Game of Throne’s wildness and fornication.   

This is how to play:

  • There are 675 playing cards in total. 215 dark grey cards with white script and 460 white cards with black script.
  • Each round, one player reads from a grey card and everyone, in turn, answers with their funniest white card. That’s why there are more white cards than grey cards, so you can choose the funniest and most fitting response.
  • And they’re very shocking. For instance, a grey card might read: “I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards and _______________.”
  • Choose a white card and the answer might be: “wanting to get raped by a vibrating Valyrian steel penis.”

Now you know why it’s for Adults Only, and that’s just a taste of the fun you’ll have. Order now to get the rest of the bawdy batch of remarks and responses.

“Cards Against Thrones” is all about using rude and offensive Game of Thrones-theme humor to make you and your friends fall over yourselves laughing.

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