Cards Against Star Wars

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Modelled on “Card Games Against Humanity,” our “Cards Against Star Wars” card game is a Limited Edition card game with the Star Wars theme for you and your friends, and all the more fun if you’re a fan of Obi Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, R2D2 and the rest of the crew.

“Cards Against Star Wars” is all about using rude and offensive Star Wars-style humour. Choose your friends wisely, and maybe start recruiting new Star Wars buddies of yours who will take kindly to joking with the Jedi or making announcements about Death Stars made from certain intimate female parts of the anatomy. 

Don’t worry, the game is not that complicated and it won’t be necessary to pass any intergalactic training courses. 

So this is how you play:

  • Comes with 922 playing cards in total. 325 dark blue cards and 597 white cards.
  • Each round, one player reads from a blue card and everyone, in turn, answers with their funniest white card.
  • And they’re pretty hilarious. For instance, a blue card might read: “After blowing up the Death Star the Rebels celebrated with ____________.”
  • And the answer might be: “getting an erection in a storm trooper suit.”

That’s just a taste of the fun you’ll have. With one swift stroke of your lightsaber or should we say, cautious click of your trigger finger, order the game now to see what else is in store.

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