Cards Against Muggles

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The rules are the same as Cards Against Humanity. “Cards Against Muggles” is all about shameful and shocking language and Harry Potter wizardry to get your party going and maybe find out just why Harry didn’t sleep at night, or what Hagrid was doing to pictures of his dragon.

This is how to play:

  • There are 1440 playing cards in total. 450 black cards with white script and 990 black cards with white script.
  • Each round, one player reads from a black card and everyone, in turn, answers with their funniest white card.
  • And they’re not for the faint hearted either! For instance, a black card might read: “In the latest Hogwarts scandal, students have been using _______________ to get themselves off.”
  • Choose a white card and the answer might be: “Peter Pettigrew’s leftover finger”

We promise you a wild party and we’re sure you’ll play Cards Against Muggles even more than Mr Ollivander worked with Harry’s wand. But if you’re not satisfied we offer you a full refund. Rictusempra!

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