Book of Monstrous Might (Drake Master Pledge)

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This is a book about new MONSTROUS OPTIONS & TACTICS compatible with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  Based on concepts from our 5-star and gold-best seller 'Recovery Dice Options,' this book adds NEW MONSTROUS RACES, NEW MONSTERS and NEW ABILITIES to use that will surprise and delight players as well as nefarious game masters.  

Likewise, we give players who loved Volo's a similar treat with numerous new wild and wondrous monstrous playable races.  From the nefarious half-brain gorger, to the wild and mysterious briarborn, the secretive umbral elves, savage half-ghouls and many, many more!

Written by a cast of some of today's finest fantasy authors, this book will give even the most experienced game master some new enjoyment and resurrect that joy of wonder, when players didn't know "every trick in the book."  New monsters and variants, monster tactics, surprising encounters and shocking special abilities can be found aplenty in this Tabletop Master series title going behind the screen on monstrous might.

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