Bloc by Bloc: Uprising (Base Pledge)



In Bloc by Bloc: Uprising, each player controls a faction of revolutionaries—Workers, Students, Neighbors, or Prisoners—fighting against the police in the streets of a city that changes with each game. Build barricades, clash with police, occupy districts, loot shopping centers, build mutual aid networks, and liberate the city before time runs out and the military arrives!

Object of the Game: When playing fully cooperatively, all factions win or lose together and must cooperate to defeat the police and liberate the city. To liberate the city, each faction must complete the objectives on 1 Conditions card. Each Conditions card specifies certain districts of the city that must be liberated and where occupations must be built. When playing semi-cooperatively, each faction has a secret Agenda card that determines how it wins the game. Factions with Social Agendas can still win together cooperatively. But a faction with a Vanguardist or Sectarian Agenda can only win alone and must work covertly to undermine the other factions.

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