Blade Rondo (Legendary Swordian Pledge) (Pre-Order)



Blade Rondo is a card battle game from Domina Games for one or two players.

The game distinguishes itself from other card battle games in several ways. One is the way decks are built - out of the forty "key cards", each player is dealt fifteen and has to choose just seven to use during the match. Stronger cards tend to be single-use, meaning you need to balance longevity and power when making your choices. Additionally the small card set means you can make assumptions about what your opponent might have, though without total certainty.

The game's solo mode isn't just tacked on - 20 cards are included just for use in solo play, and allow you to enjoy the game by yourself. Pawn, the designer, is well known for his previous solo-only releases such as Shephy.

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