Bivouac (Base Pledge)

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Bivouac is a camp-themed board game that tasks players with creating their own Camp/Retreat Center. The game is played over 13 rounds represented by the months of the year. Players utilize workers to gather resources, build amenities, add activities, recruit donors, obtain donor gifts, hire more workers, staff usable cards, and earn money/victory points.

Usable amenities and activities are the driving forces for generating money and victory points. Some, however, are not usable every month of the year. Players must create a strategy for sustainable growth over the course of the entire year. Workers must be paid for their efforts each month. Additionally, negative cards, called Misfortunes, must be drawn as your camp grows which may affect your plan for the next round.

End game bonuses provide additional victory points based on what you have accumulated throughout the game. Bivouac also comes with an expansion that includes activity upgrades and staff member cards that assist in a player's quest to become the best. The player with the most victory points at the end of 13 rounds is the winner.

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